DOPE Fitness-  New age fitness classes that combines hip-hop, Zumba, and kickboxing techniques in order to create a fun workout that does not feel like a workout yet producing amazing results at the same time. DOPE Fitness is lead by trained fitness mentors and travels to churches and schools around the state of Texas. DOPE Fitness also includes free personal training as well as meal plans. We teach people how to be fit while still being happy with your food and workout regimen. Our songs that we choose to move to are always positive and uplifting as we intend to always keep your mood high!

DOPE Fashions- We encourage our fashion forward children to create and design clothing, show them how to put on fashion shows as well the basics and purpose of modeling. All of our themed fashion events will showcase love.

DOPE TV is an avenue in which we utilize live streaming and web broadcasting to expose our outgoing and outspoken children to use these gifts towards learning communication skills as well as acting skills. We will be shooting short educational films as well as music videos. We will also feature a reality footage and interviews. All of our projects will be shown through this channel. The children will learn how to record each other and how to position themselves in front of the camera.

DOPE Records is a pseudo label that will promote and distribute music geared towardsuplifting, educating, and/or encouraging one another. Our children will record in a professional, portable studio and be given copies of their music. Children will also be given the option to record a music video that will be on DOPE TV

DOPE Films is a Theatrical Production Team which brings forth presentations including: plays, dramatized sketches, & short films on various subjects such as education, self-worth/esteem, anti-bullying, brotherhood, sisterhood in a modern & fun way . 

DOPE POETRY is a Poetry Team focused on enriching the mind, body, and souls of others.   We host poetry slams and contest for this talent. We believe poetry is a wonderful tool in the development of language, reading and writing. Rhymes and chants help children to see the relationship between oral and written language and assist in developing listening and concentration skills. Most importantly, poetry is meant to be read aloud which requires and encourages the sharing of the heart and soul!

DOPE MOVES is all about using different types of dance including: Hip-Hop, Ballet, Lyrical, Praise,and mime in order to express positivity. Hostings include dance-offs, dance workshops,  & much more.