The D.O.P.E. Boyz (Driven On Positive Energy) Feat Queen Nas of the F.L.Y. Girlz (For The Love of YHWH), and Deeternal This is the G Mix of the original Bodak Yellow. This song is for promotional use only, no profits will be collected with the use of this song and video.
Mind Ya Bizness the remix featuring I Am Justified and Deeternal "Spiritual Steroids" is a continuation of the original track reminding all Christians of 1 Thessalonians 4:11 And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you; This exhibition is just to encourage all Christians that being nosey is not of God and actually spreads demonic forces!
The Official Trailer for the new Hit Single "Mind Your Business RMX" by Cole Rose Featuring Deeternal and I Am Justified. Visit WWW.THEDOPEMOVEMENT.NET for more details!
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Cole Rose C.E.O. of The D.O.P.E. Movement releases her first official video (I NEED YOUR LOVE) Depicting her spiritual transformation from being in the world, to fully living for Christ. You may know her from the trio "Sophia Fresh" a singing group formally signed to Atlantic Records/Nappyboy Entertainment, In which T-Pain was the executive producer.
The D.O.P.E. Movement "DOPE Cypher Pt 1" Cole Rose, Deeternal Driven On Positive Energy The D.O.P.E. Movement Mixtape Vol 1 Recorded and edited by DOPE Media For Booking call 8323539110 or email
Incognito Official Video from the compilation album Deeternal Thoze Egoz showed up to break mics and slay demons beat by spiety beats
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Thoze Egoz, Deeternal, II Crunk 4 Jesus. Real Life (trillio) from Thoze Egoz Showed Up LIT, and the new collaborative album, Deeternal And Thoze Egoz Showed Up To Break Mics And Slay Demons, dropping July 4!!!
Holywood Presents David and Goliath. Casted by the youth of 2016 D.O.P.E. Summer camp at First Metropolitan Church Recorded, Directed, and Edited by D.O.P.E. Media and Deeternal Productions Camp Holywood ©2016
Mini Documentary on Cole Rose of The D.O.P.E Movement..
Mini Documentary on Raw LT
Holywood Presents the youth of First Metropolitan Church, D.O.P.E. Summer camp. The kid's Gmix version of "Cut It" This song and video are for promotional purposes only and are not intended for profit. Camp Holywood©2016
Another D.O.P.E. Movement video starring: Cole Rose, II Crunk 4 Jesus, and the rest of the crew.. Filmed, and edited by Grandeur Visuals. (